81 - Healing Yourself at the DNA Level to Multiply Income, Impact and Freedom by with Alaina Schwartz

In this episode, we sit with International Speaker, Best- Selling Author, and Elite Performance Coach, Alaina Schwartz as she shares the roller coaster ride that was her life and the important lessons she learned about self-belief and self-love, and how her experience become the core of her coaching practice.

Throughout her journey as a purpose-driven coach, to a bespoke and mindset coach, and now a performance coach, Alaina discovered the art and science of DNA healing which she implements to help her clients get out of their own way.

She finds fulfillment not only in seeing entrepreneurs multiply their income but also in breaking limiting beliefs and shifting their consciousness.

LinkedIn: Alaina Schwartz

Website: Alaina Schwartz

Email: support@alainaschwartz.com

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