87 - Reinforcing America’s Economic Backbone One SME and SMB at a Time with Josh Tan

In this episode, we sat down with the Founder and CEO of Alchemist Consultant, Josh Tan. With a background in engineering, operations, and management in the aerospace and alloy industries, Josh has made it his mission to help small to medium enterprises to improve business efficiency, increase executive team performance, and ultimately, grow their topline and profits.

Growing up not having enough and then equipping himself with the necessary skill sets needed to improve and expand small businesses has fueled his passion to help SMEs and SMBs grow through his venture.

Josh shared how his personal journey of self-development allowed him to escape his scarcity mindset.

He also discussed how the American economy is changing and how he can help us leverage this change by unlocking the hidden opportunities.

LinkedIn: Josh Tan

Website: Alchemist Consulting

Facebook: Josh Tan

Email: josh@joshtan.net

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