82 - Empowering People by Building a Supportive Community with Kim and Mike Barnes

In this episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming our first guest couple, Kim and Mike Barnes. This amazing couple met while at college and their background in broadcast journalism helped them to land their dream jobs as TV personalities, but their experience in helping their parents through difficulties led them to discover a new purpose.

Through the process of caring for their parents, Kim and Mike found it difficult to access helpful resources. This made them realize that there must be others dealing with this issue, as well and embarked on their journey to make this process less overwhelming. They built a company dedicated to providing resources as well as an online community that now has thousands of members who find other people that understand their troubles and offer advice and easy access to resources for them to aid their aging parents.

LinkedIn: Kim Barnes

Mike Barnes

Website: Parenting Aging Parents

FB Group: Parenting Aging Parents

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