Learning How to Effectively Sell Yourself with Jaide Massin


During How May I Serve You podcast episode 18, we interviewed The Job Search Coach, Jaide Massin to discuss how she helps job seekers figure out how to get hired.

About Jaide:

Jaide also known as, The Job Search Coach is originally from Florida but has lived in the New York tri-state area since 2004. She has a jazz vocal background and got into recruiting when she moved into Manhattan. That’s where she learned the bulk of her experience on how to sell herself, by developing her negotiation skills and ability to communicate effectively to get to where she needs to go. 

Jaide specializes in helping job seekers navigate their way through the entire job search process. She has found that oftentimes the most qualified people are not the ones who get hired but rather the candidates that present the best interview. This is why she helps job seekers to package and sell themselves so they can get hired.


Questions Asked:

How did you transition from a Jazz background to becoming a job searching coach? 

Jaide was singing and playing piano for a while but when she moved to Manhattan, she realized she needed to support herself so she got a job. She became a recruiter for a boutique finance and accounting staffing firm that was owned and managed by a CPA firm. She did this for a very long time which gave her the best education that she could ever have. She learned the process of finding the right people for particular companies and made sure that her candidates were hired by preparing them on how to communicate and effectively sell yourself.


Would you say confidence has a part to play in whether you get the job or not?

“If you have a plan when you walk in that door of what you're going to say and how you're going to say it, you don't need your confidence. You will be fine.”


Since you've been in this space for such a long time, have you become passionate about this area of expertise?

Jaide is very passionate about this area of expertise. She feels this is her calling that’s why she opened up her own business to focus on helping individuals learn how to sell themselves in the workplace.  


What's your style of coaching?

Her style of coaching is very pragmatic and methodical. Starting with getting that resume that supports and tells her client’s story, building a strategic LinkedIn profile to getting them psyched up. 


If someone was looking for a coach, what traits would you advise to look for?

Jaide believes when you are searching for a Coach make sure to find someone you like since you will be spending some time with them.  Someone you can banter with and make you feel good in their presence, having that trust and feeling safe goes along with liking the person. You want that coach to really keep you honest and accountable by helping you to be more consistent.  


What type of clients do you work with?

Her client base is pretty much everybody. She works with people coming right out of college, people looking to make a mid-career change, and even people that don't want to be in their industry anymore and they want to take their transferable skills to another industry.


Are you currently working on any new projects?

Jaide is currently writing a book about her methodology and hoping to get it out by the end of the year. The book consists of “What you need to get a job?” and it would cover the four things that she do which are:

-Resume writing

-LinkedIn profiles

-Interview preparation

-How to conduct a job search


She also has a podcast called “The Job Search Coach” that gives different tips on resume writing, interview preparation and job searching.

Key Points:

“A lot of times it's not always the person that is qualified for the job that gets hired it's the person that gives the best interview that gets hired”


“To sell yourself is a skill set that one should learn and it's not something that you're necessarily born with.”


“Everybody has to learn how to negotiate and everybody has to learn how to communicate effectively so [they] can get to where [they] need to go because that's the difference between getting hired and not getting hired.”


“My biggest thing is consistency. You don't have to be a genius. It's the person that practices and it’s the long-lasting person that usually wins.”


“With job seeking, you have to keep your head on the goal and don't worry about all of the different steps or setbacks along the way. I don't have people focus on getting the job. The job is we can't control what other people think but what we can control is our consistency and consistency looks like applying to 10 jobs a day or having a weekly goal of applying to 50 jobs a week.”

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