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GetUpNGetFit is the wellness concierge support team that busy executives, entrepreneurs & celebs rely on, to keep them healthy and fit despite their hectic schedules. 
We travel or work remotely for your convenience.
After being in the Wellness and Fitness industry for over 15 years and working with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, corporations and other clientele, Thomas discovered that there were 2 main flaws in the wellness and fitness industry that needed to be addressed:

Thomas noticed people joining gyms and other facilities only to lose motivation after a few weeks and stop attending. These facilities didn’t care whether the clients showed up or not since their credit cards were being charged monthly to pay their membership, regardless.

Most fitness and wellness professionals focus only on superficial goals which is often temporary. i.e. lose a few pounds for a wedding or increase lean muscle to look good on the beach.
At GetUpNGetFit we focus on correcting the root cause of our
clients wellness problems through a lifestyle approach instead, which is more sustainable.
We understand that being a high performer can be very demanding. Your schedule can be unpredictable, you have conflicting responsibilities that pull you in multiple directions all at once. You travel too much, work late hours and cross time zones, all of which can wreak havoc on your body and wellbeing.
When you have these things going on, you tend to lose track of your health and fitness, and that’s when it starts to decline gradually.
As a high performer himself, Thomas understood the need to create a wellness 
support team that would tailor to his client’s schedule and lifestyle. This is why he created GetUpNGetFit Wellness Concierge.