Your Calling Is What You Were Made for with Rory Douglas

During How May I Serve You podcast episode 6, we sit down with Rory Douglas to talk about how he transitions from the management and finance industry to life coaching.

About Rory:

Rory has over twenty years’ experience in the entertainment and investment industry and powers entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose. He transitioned from entertainment to the financial service industry as a financial educator and high-performance life coach, where he leads and mentors’ countless individuals, including CEOs, CPAs, attorneys and six figure earners to run their organizations. “I’m fifty-seven years young. I really love what I do. I’d do it for free.” He was predicted not to succeed, kicked out of elementary and high school. Labelled a trouble youth. He even suffered from dyslexia. One day, while driving with his mother, she discovered that he read things backwards and sought help for him, which changed the trajectory of his life. “I always say. You can have a disability, but you don’t have to be disabled.” 


Questions Asked:

What kind of people do you coach?

His disability is his superpower, which powered him through life. As an intern in the entertainment industry, he went from serving coffee to going on tour with major artists. Then from helping so many people on that tour, one of the artists decided to put him on their management team. From there he was inspired to build his own company where he managed various artists. One of his first acts was Bobby Brown. He also worked with Dave Hollister and Musiq Soulchild. After managing artists, his next move was finance and film, where he made a lot of money. But at the end of the year, he also lost money. “I didn’t know too much about finance. And that’s what got me started in bouncing into the finance industry. Because I made several million dollars, but at the end of the year I owed a lot.” His losses led him to study finance, where he discovered a new passion. Which got him into life coaching, where he mentors people on financial literacy, life lessons, and spirituality. Rory is an ordained minister. “Discover your passion, you discover your purpose.”

What is your coaching style and what differentiates you from everyone else?

“My coaching style is going directly to the source. What’s bothering you? What’s stopping you from being the best version of yourself?” When he takes someone on as a client it is important for him to get to know them first. If he doesn’t get to know a potential client, then he can’t effectively build them up. Honesty and trust are what he expects from his clients in order to take them to the next level. Once they’re honest with themselves, then they can modify what’s not working. 

If someone were looking for a coach, what trait would you advise them to look for?

An individual looking for a coach should have some knowledge of what they’re looking for. When you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you’ll have a reference. “People know what they want. The question is, do they believe they can do it.” And that’s where the coach comes in. 

What is one success story you can share with us?

“My success story starts with me because I was most likely not to succeed when I was in school.” He hung around other kids who were disenfranchised and involved in criminal activities in the street. “I went from the streets to corporate suites.” 

He worked with someone who had just gotten out of prison. The guy was convicted for something he didn’t do. He was in prison for four years and was doubtful because he had a record. “I told him that a record didn’t define him.” Rory worked with a friend to get his record expunged. He now runs a very successful business and is now a millionaire. “What you get paid for is what you get paid for. But your calling is what you’re made for.”

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Rory’s book, Cracking the Rich Code, is an international bestseller. It’s a collaboration with Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank and Tony Robbins. The book is an entrepreneur’s blueprint. It’s for folks who have a dream and vision and shows them how to put it together. “I show people that there is a language for the rich and the wealthy, and there’s a language for the average American.”

How can the listeners get this book?

The book is all around the world. Go to and get all his social media handles. and sign up for Rory’s free financial workshops.

How may I serve you?

“The way you can serve me is getting this message out to as many people as possible. Because right now, during the pandemic when half of America is out of work, people have lost their hope and motivation. And I really want to let people know, you have greatness inside of you. And once you tap into that greatness, nothing can stop you. Because I want to make sure people have money for lifetime, not just lunch time.”