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Here to Help You Improve Your Lifestyle by Coaching You to Correct the Root Cause of Your Wellness Problems.

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Wanting to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Should Not Be a Hassle

Is your hectic schedule and your lifestyle habits leading you to…

⦿ Extreme Stress

⦿ Chronic Fatigue

⦿ Compromised Immune System

⦿ Increase Insurance Premium

⦿ Hypertension

⦿ Cardio-vascular Disease

⦿ Excessive Weight Gain

⦿ Disability

You don’t have to keep repeating the same cycle, GetUpNGetFit Wellness Concierge is here to support you.

You deserve better! It’s time to invest in yourself and improve your lifestyle.

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2. Discover your habits that are preventing you from achieving your wellness goal.

3. Receive a customized program along with your wellness support team.


Our mission is to impact at least 50,000 people per year while improving our clients lifestyle by supporting and coaching them on how to recognize and correct the root cause of their negative habits.


Dawn Glover

V.P. Design, Calvin Klein Underwear

I’m a professional working actor, and image means everything in my line of work. I went to TJ because I desperately needed help with my body for my role on 50 Cent’s new series POWER on Starz. TJ not only got me to lose the excessive pounds of body fat, but taught me proper posturing and weight training techniques.

Vinicius Machado, Actor from TV Series POWER

Being trained by GUNGF was an incredibly transformative experience! I have never been stronger than this. I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in and committed to taking their health to the next level!

Dr. Angel Acosta

There was a point in my life when I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror and finally reached a point where I had to make a change. My change was working with GUNGF about four days a week. That was the best change in my entire life.  Because of Thomas, and everything he taught me, I finally feel good about who I am on the inside and the out.

Joanna G.
  • Always on the go?

  • We are the go to wellness coaches for Busy Professionals
  • Self Investment

  • A Healthy Lifestyle Leads to A Successful Lifestyle
  • A Boss that look and feel good

  • Thanks to our wellness support team

Always on the go?

We are the go to wellness coaches for Busy Professionals

Self Investment

A Healthy Lifestyle Leads to A Successful Lifestyle

A Boss that look and feel good

Thanks to our wellness support team

How GetUpNGetFit Wellness Concierge Experience will change your life?


Flexible coaching that works with your busy schedule. Now you can travel and still stay on top of your wellness.

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Improve Physical and Mental

You are not alone, we are here to support you on your wellness journey. Our Coaches travel to you or work with you virtually.

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Full Wellness Support team at your service. Here to keep your accountable of your lifestyle habits.

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Stress Reduction

As a High Performer you tend to deal with excessive amount of stress on a daily basis and dealing with stress daily deteriorates your health.

Our Coaches are fully committed to helping you relieve your stress through our various wellness services. It could be through an in-home Massage, virtual session with a Therapist or more.

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Living a healthier life might seem like another job — the nutrition, the exercise, the inner happiness! But having a wellness support team at your disposal, whenever and wherever you need it, makes it easier and more fun.

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VIP Treatment

You work hard and sometimes you need to treat yourself. Cooking or ordering take out every night can become a bit mundane. When you are a VIP member you will get the opportunity to experience a luxury cuisine with one of our Private Luxury Chefs quarterly.

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Corporate Wellness

Fun Tailored Employee Engagement programs. Health and Wellness Workshops for small and large groups. Your employees will appreciate your investment in their wellness. Happy employees equals more productive employees.

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It's A Lifestyle.

Philanthropic endeavors

GetUpNGetFit Gives

We partner with vetted, high-impact projects to support people and communities around the world.

When you work with GetUpNGetFit you are making an impact, as well.

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Find out all of our impact initiatives on our Impact page.

Developing healthy habits is key to a balanced lifestyle.

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